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The business, digital and marketing experts at Plign understand precisely what your business needs. We help financial institutions (FIs)  like yours create a lasting personal connection without compromising the sophistication and integrity of your business. We have successfully collaborated with financial institutions for decades and can provide a full-service digital experiences like no other.

Financial Services Digital Collective That Generates Real, Tangible Growth.

A big part of brand elevation is channel choice. The way your message is heard plays an integral role in how your audience categorizes your financial institution. By leveraging our deep understanding of the various communications channels, our team keeps your company at the forefront of our customer's mind.

The finance industry has always thrived on trust and we’re experts at building it. As a financial services digital agency with decades of experience, we’ve perfected our approach to defining, building and promoting brands and experiences that inspire confidence, loyalty and trust. We use our strong knowledge of financial consumers and their expectations to help your business achieve its goals and create a lasting impression.



Dependability is something that is built over time. To show your target audience that they can expect results when working with you, we ensure quality and consistency by defining your digital experiences clearly and delivering on every promise. By showcasing your ability to deliver results, we establish your institution as reliable and dependable.



Our team appreciates the delicate balance between warmth and professionalism that attracts consumers to a financial institution. We use an innovative, multi-channel mix to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time to build a brand experience that embodies these key attributes.



We keep the distinct needs of the financial market in mind when we craft your brand experience to help drive consumer trust. We develop a tailored persona that resonates with your audience to build confidence in your products and services and establish strong, secure relationships with your customers.



We help you optimize your consumer touchpoints to increase customer retention and fuel continuous growth. We know that by making things simple and convenient for your customers, it helps encourage advocacy and creates a positive perception about your business.


We entwine engaging branding into your unique banking offers to drive attraction, recognition, and trust.


Our tailored marketing solutions connect with your audience when and where the’re read, increasing interest in your products and services.


We drive customer engagement and growth by aligning with your target audience’s specific needs and goals.

Consumers Want a Better Understanding of Their Finances.

Most of your customers aren't financial experts. The financial industry is filled with concepts and applications they may not be aware of or just simply don't understand. This audience is looking for honest, convenient answers. With the prevalence of technological tools for banking comes a desire for deeper understanding. Today’s tech-savvy consumer is searching for mobile banking solutions that bridge the gap between the knowledge they’re lacking and their financial growth.

Millennials are 31% more likely to want chatbot advice on their mobile accounts compared to the previous generation. This demographic is also 27% more likely to look for additional resources, like educational videos.

As a financial services marketing agency, we combine your comprehensive understanding of finance and our communications expertise to serve up the answers and support your consumers have been looking for. They want to have a “financial advisor” available at their fingertips, which is why we have a team of highly skilled app developers. We provide your customers with access to your digital resources with intuitive user design and powerful capabilities to drive ROI and new business. We can help you leverage cutting-edge FinTech to gain your audience's attention and their business.

Financial Services Customer and Industry Insights

As experts in financial service marketing, our experienced team can offer customer insights and a well-researched strategy that will help position your brand above a crowded market.

Banks Marketing

Consumer confidence is essential in financial services marketing. We work with you to develop communications that build credibility and put your customers at ease.

As technology evolves, being up to date on the latest trends becomes increasingly essential. While it’s true that traditional bank marketing works, it needs to be used correctly and in tandem with digital channels to work well. In fields like banking, where trust is critical, showing consumers real-world extensions of your brand helps strengthens awareness and confidence in what you are offering.

Technology continues to replace personal interactions, which is why we inject personality into your messaging to build real connections. Today’s consumers appreciated the convenience of mobile banking, but if they have issues or are looking to plan for their financial future, they want to talk to a real person. As a financial services marketing agency, we help you create a perfect balance between traditional and digital advertising, along with in-person and technology-driven transactions with your customers.

Credit Union Marketing

Credit union customers are unique. We take the time to fully understand your customer’s values and needs, and which services and approach are relevant to them. Then, we craft your brand and messaging around that invaluable data to deliver the highest ROI.

We have worked with endless credit unions just like yours and while we appreciate the strength in the small, collective model of a credit union, there are several approaches being embraced by big banks that we know can help strengthen your brand tenfold.

For example, by offering online and mobile banking, you provide your customers convenience and appeal to younger generations. Having this additional feature doesn’t mean in-branch visits are less important. In fact, with the growing power of e-commerce, face-to-face interactions are more important than ever. When your customers physically walk through your doors, it's critical to make it worth their time.

Fintech Marketing

The first step in a successful FinTech marketing strategy is to produce broader awareness, not build a sales-based campaign. By leveraging a deep understanding of your consumers, we craft communications that are driven by creativity and focused on your audience. Our team focuses on building real connections with your audience and introducing them to your core strengths to generate more qualified leads. Then we elevate your brand to increase both interest and sales to deliver an impressive ROI.

The key is time. It takes time for people to build trust, especially when it relates to their hard-earned cash. We start moving you in the right direction today with an eye toward steady, continual growth for your business.

This is only one of our integrated strategies. When it comes to FinTech marketing, we take the entire picture into consideration to achieve long-term stability and success. Instead of using new flashy ad campaigns that only garner short-term results and fizzle out quickly, we craft your credibility, product line, and brand to your people recognize t people recognize and believe in.

Insurance Marketing

Technology has changed the way consumers shop for insurance and how insurance companies reach their audiences. Doing business primarily online creates a new set of challenges for any business, but when it comes to insurance, it’s even more essential to build trust with your audience from square one. Today’s consumer doesn’t like being sold to. They want to do their own research and make their own decisions. They want to know what your company stands for – are you transparent? Do you give back to your community? Do you have a good team? They check your reviews and social feeds to see howyou interact with your customers. And most importantly, they expect information fast.

To effectively attract and retain customers in today’s digital economy, you need to connect with your target audiences in all the places they spend their time online: in search engines, on social media, in their inboxes, and on their smartphones. At Plign, we use a mix of digital marketing services to get in front of your customers and create a lasting impression that will generate more referrals, convert more new signups, and provide better value to your existing customers.

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